Design a Healthy Home


You know when you have entered a healthy home. Regardless of the period and style, there is a sense of harmony and purity that nourishes both body and soul. ake a look around you: For those of you reading this blog from your office, coffee shop down the street, or living room at home, everything from your overhead lighting to flooring represents a design decision. Given that we spend upwards of 90 percent of our time indoors, these decisions matter Рand can have profound effects on our health and the environment. Over time, you may also notice that you breathe more easily, feel more content, and begin each day with heightened energy and enthusiasm. Even though sustainability has made significant inroads into the everyday design vernacular, we need to do much more for it to become common practice.

fototapeta graffitiInterior designers can influence our emotional health and brain functioning. Certain colors can make us feel warm or cold or even chatty

One of the great ironies of the twentieth century is that the very technologies intended to enhance our well-being have often undermined our health. ALways check murals or wallstickers called in Poland fototapety.

  • Modern heating and cooling systems entice us with promises of temperature-perfect rooms, yet colds and allergies plague us
  • Chemical additives permit more durable paints, fabrics, wood, and construction materials, yet they fill the air with toxic fumes
  • A qualified interior designer can help maintain good indoor air quality. For example, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are found in all types of interior finishes and products, such as paint and upholstery cushions.
  • Mass-produced synthetics and composite construction materials appear to save money, yet their ingredients trouble us with ailments ranging from mild headaches to severe depression.

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